Dissecting Democrats

James Taranto, writing at WaltStreetJournal.com has just made me spew coffee on the keyboard.  Commenting on a fawning Obama piece in the Boston Globe by Joshua Green, wherein Green compares Obama's character traits to those of Dr. Spock of Star Trek fame. Here's what the liberal Green had to say: Practically a caricature of Spock-like rationality and sober caution, he's presiding over a capital that has become completely unhinged. And this was Taranto's spot-on observation: Come to think of it, there are major similarities between Obama and Spock. Both have oversize ears. Both were fathered by aliens, although Obama's parents hailed from the same planet. Both are ill suited for command, although Spock was not ambitious enough to seek it. And it gets even more spot-on when Taranto creates a bogus old Spock quote: And of course everyone remembers the episode in which Spock said: "Imagine Captain Kirk drivin' the Enterprise into a wormhole"--Vulcans always drop their g's when...(Read Full Post)