Did Obama's father want to give him up for adoption?

The cold-heartedness occasionally demonstrated by Barack Obama by his willingness to throw friends (Van Jones), associates (Jeremiah Wright) and even his grandmother under the bus when they no longer suited his purposes has been duly noted in the media. Vice President Joe Biden might just be the latest victim of outliving his usefulness to B.O. as talk of the President dumping Biden for Andrew Cuomo or some other fresher face for the 2012 election circulates. Documents released by the Department of Homeland Security in response to a Freedom of Information Act request now indicate that Obama's cold-heartedness might just be a genetic predisposition. It seems that his father indicated in an interview with the Department of Immigration and Naturalization Services that he and his wife, Stanley Dunham, planned on giving up the infant Barack for adoption. It seems that immigration officials were not very keen on allowing Barack Senior to stay in the country on his student...(Read Full Post)