Democrats Want Reagan Back

Reagan was originally a Democrat.  In 1962, Ronald Reagan famously quipped: "I didn't leave the Democratic Party.  The party left me."  The party has left a lot of Democrats and many of them are beginning to realize it.  The Republican plan that has just been passed in the House and is dubbed the Cut, Cap and Balance plan.  Cut spending, Cap the debt with limit and Balance the budget.  The Democrat plan.... There is no Democrat plan, not in the House, not in the Senate and not from the President.  There are complaints, accusations and verbal cries that begin "we must" but nothing on paper that begins "this is our plan." The Democrats are losing this one.  They are losing it to the American people.  They are losing it to voters who believe in Reagan.  So the Democrats want Reagan back as one of their own.  They want you to believe Reagan called for unqualified increases in the debt ceiling eleven times, which he did not. ...(Read Full Post)