Democrats: The Party of Pain and Suffering

Gene Sperling, who works for Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, appeared on Fox News' Fox and Friends this morning to spin for the flailing Barack Obama, who, as everyone knows, hawked tax increases in his nationally televised speech last night.      Sperling gave the Fox and Friends' hosts the Democrat's standard refrain in hard times: There's a crying need for "shared sacrifice."  Yes, all Americans need to put their shoulders to the wheel and push.  The Democrats have fed Americans this line ever since Jimmy Carter's failed presidency.     But let's interpret what Sperling and the Democrats mean by "shared sacrifice."  Translation: "Let's spread the pain and suffering around with a decided tilt toward taxpayers.  There will be some spending cuts, but not many, really.  Instead, we Democrats will claim that the rich will have to bear the greater burdens by paying more taxes.  After all, the rich have benefited...(Read Full Post)