Coal industry braces for massive layoffs

Liberal blogs and pundits are hugely perplexed at the horrible job numbers recently. They just can't figure it out. They blame businesses for trying to sabotage Obama. They blame Republicans for not letting them spend trillions more in stim money. They blame the American people for voting for the GOP in the first place. Maybe they should look in a mirror: The coal industry is crying foul over new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations which they say will be among the most be costly rules ever imposed by the agency on coal-fueled power plants. The result, industry insiders say: substantially higher electricity rates and massive job loss. "The EPA is ignoring the cumulative economic damage new regulations will cause," said Steve Miller, president and CEO of the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE). "America's coal-fueled electric industry has been doing its part for the environment and the economy, but our industry needs adequate time to install clean coal...(Read Full Post)