Clarice Feldman tribute

AT readers already know about the lively wit and insightful analysis brought to this site by Clarice Feldman, whose Sunday column "Clarice's Pieces" is a smash hit. But word is getting around. On Pajamas Media's Tatler Blog, Belladonna Rogers pens a tribute to Clarice and Clarice's Pieces, entitled, "A Woman and a Blog to Watch: the New Washington Monument, Clarice Feldman." An excerpt: Sunday mornings are now enlivened by a new and lustrous successor to [the New York Times]  The Week in Review. It comes in the form of a far sweeter treat, Clarice's Pieces, which appears on The American Thinker.  PJM contributor Clarice Feldman's mega-brain compresses each depressing, lie-filled, irritating past week's news into a succinct, trenchant analysis that always includes delicious zingers to start off the week.  Her wit is wry and her writing is crisp.  She's the thinking person's Sunday Morning Live. Once a top-notch lawyer in the pre-Eric Holder Department of Justice, where...(Read Full Post)