Chicken Liberals

I don't listen to Michael Savage much, just as I don't listen to much talk radio at all because I live in an area where clear broadcasts of such are not readily available. That being said, one rare occasion when I was listening to the good Dr. Savage in my car, his pronouncement that liberalism is a mental disorder struck a responsive chord in me. Thinking about his premise, I could see where he might find the roots for such a assertion. Mental illness is mental instability; instability is the product of insecurity, of doubt and the fears that always accompany doubt. There is no other descriptive which can be more widely applied to liberal thought than doubt and the extension of that is this: A constant state of doubt produces a constant state of fear. Think about it-think about the liberals you know; aren't they always the first ones to pick up on the latest, trendy, impending calamity? Why is it that liberals dominate the ranks of global doomsayers in so many instances? Sure, you'll...(Read Full Post)