Casey Anthony found not guilty; TV talking heads found guilty

I have paid as little attention as possible to the sad, sordid murder trial of a young mother with a lurid indifference to her daughter's death.  Too depressing.  But now that the woman has beaten the charges against her, convicted solely on lying to the police, she could conceivably be released for time served, or spend some years in prison.  Most people think it is very probable she killed her daughter, but the jury had to meet a higher standard, and decided the circumstantial evidence was not sufficient to remove reasonable doubt. The case became an obsession of cable news, and many talking heads, pre-eminently Nancy Grace (whose ratings soared during the trial), now look foolish.  They were slammed by the defense team after the verdict: "Well, I hope that this is a lesson to those of you who have indulged in media assassination for three years. Bias, prejudice and incompetent talking heads saying what would be and how to be. I'm disgusted by some of the...(Read Full Post)