Can we afford to pour more money down the Palestinian drain?

Dan Greenfield recently reported that the Palestinian Authority is facing another budget crisis and requesting additional funding from the West. Before we take out our overdrawn checkbooks, it might be time to look at some of the numbers and decide if we can afford to pour more money down the Palestinian Authority drain. Greenfield makes the point that the Palestinians are better off than some of the people who are footing most of the PA bills. Percentage of the population who live below the poverty line West Bank (under PA control) 16% Washington, D.C. 18.9%. Greece 20%. Israel 24%. Source: World Bank Palestinians are already receiving more money in international financial assistance than other groups who are struggling in far more dire circumstance. Per capita Foreign Assistance 2009 Palestinian Authority $725.00* Afghanistan $219.00 Sudan $56.00 Central African Republic $53.00 Ethiopia $48.00 Democratic Republic Congo $34.60 Niger $31.20 Bangladesh $8.00 * U.S....(Read Full Post)