Blowing Smoke with Moneyspeak

American budgets and American debt are couched in unfathomable terms of magnitude that obfuscate their gravity. I suggest the expression "trillion" is so large as to be meaningless. Every conservative public figure should use the expression "thousand billion" instead. It is far less catchy and far more serious. A debt of 14.5 thousand billion dollars sounds more appropriately ominous than 14.5 trillion dollars. For one thing, it speaks in the same general unit of measure as the puny cuts being discussed. Eliminating private jet tax breaks would mean 3 billion over 10 years-compare that to 14.5 thousand billion and the picture is more clear. Compare that to the request to increase the debt limit by two thousand billion for one year and you see how use of these superlatives have been used to conceal governmental financial shenanigans for a long time. The previous congress passed, as part of ObamaCare, a requirement to spend 100 billion per year on implementing this health care debacle....(Read Full Post)