Another liberal pundit opens his eyes

An op-ed written in the L.A. Times by confessed left-leaner Rick Wartzman, may well be the first crack in the dam of case-hardened, liberal doctrine.  Entitled Texas, the Jobs Engine, the article is just chock full of delicious quotes, several of which I'll reproduce here for those of you who don't want to read the original.  First is Wartzman's admission of his political leanings: That's right, Texas: the reddest of red states, home to gun lovers and school textbooks that openly question whether the Founding Fathers intended for the separation of church and state. I am no ideologue. Still, whenever I get political, I tend to tilt reflexively to the   left, making the jobs figure a bit disconcerting at first. While he tries dutifully to put some leftist spin on the reasons for the success of the Texas economy, for example, by pointing out that Texas is a huge energy producing state while conveniently neglecting the fact that the failing California economy is also...(Read Full Post)