An inconvenient Justice

It is dawning on the Left that their messiah is turning into a Pied Piper, and some among them are scared that a conservative successor to President Obama would appoint too many Supreme Court justices.  Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 78 and a colon and pancreatic cancer survivor, and as such, is just beginning to see opinions starting to be published to the effect that she should leave the bench now, so as to allow President Obama and the Democrat-led Senate confirm a left wing justice to replace her. Erwin Chemerinsky, one of the brightest stars among left wing legal intellectuals and founding dean of the left-wing oriented UC Irvine Law School, for instance: "She has in her power the ability to prevent a real shift in the balance of power on the court," Translation: "You're almost dead anyway. Just  get out now so we can continue to rewrite the Constitution." Ann Althouse highlighted this and other comments from the ghoulish ideologues who want the woman who never missed...(Read Full Post)