A Terrifying Déjà vu in the Halls of Congress

On July 7th, 2011, the families and friends of the residents of Camp Ashraf who attended a congressional hearing into Iraq's massacre at Camp Ashraf last month, and its implications for US policy, faced a terrifying experience of their own.  Two NIAC (National Iranian American Council: hat tip: logi_cal) operatives were following them and taking their pictures.  The hearing was held by the Oversight and Investigations Sub-committee of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.   On April 8, 2011, Iraqi forces raided Camp Ashraf, killing 36 residents and wounding 345 others.  Taking pictures of individuals is a tactic used by the Iranian government agents abroad and on the streets, universities and factories in Iran.   This tactic is used both as an intimidation instrument, as well as a means of identifying opposition members in preparation for further action.   These NIAC operatives were clearly on the spot, electronically transmitting the...(Read Full Post)