A NY Times bogus article of faith

In its July 12 edition, the New York Times runs a piece by Jerusalem correspondent Isabel Kershner about a new Israeli law that makes boycotts against Israel and West Bank settlements liable to financial penalties ("Israel Bans Boycotts Against the State" page A8). Israel's Parliament, the Knesset, passed the legislation on a vote of 47 to 38 after lengthy and raucous debate.  Another 35 legislators absented themselves when the roll was called, including Prime Minister Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak.  Proponents argued that Israel should not tolerate boycotts in the face of widespread campaigns to weaken the state.  Opponents countered that the law threatens freedom of expression. And some lawmakers tried but failed to make it less sweeping. My point in writing about this is not to line up categorically on either the ''pro'' or ''con'' side -- unlike Kershner, who tilts heavily "con," as one might expect.  For what it's worth, from my readings of...(Read Full Post)