A Fine Weekend in Washington

First of all it is very hot in Washington, DC, and yet those who pass themselves off as our nation's leaders, but who really are better described as its tormentors, are stuck there, rather than enjoying The Vineyard, Bozeman, Boothbay or Bohemian Grove. Words like absurd and loser  are being thrown about to describe them--certainly an improvement over terms they are more accustomed to like "almost a God" or "brilliant" or "indispensible," and of course, "the powerful."  And why are they stuck there? They mismanaged the nation's affairs, and so, for a change, they are actually suffering something they rarely encounter in their cossetted existence-- consequences. As they pine for Tahoe or the Hamptons, scurrying about in what passes for them as hard labor, the less far gone among them may even have occasion to reflect on the arrogance, dishonesty and negligence that rendered the most powerful nation the world has known budgetless and overextended. But there is a...(Read Full Post)