3 soldiers arrested near Fort Hood in connection with possible attack (Updated)

One soldier was arrested near the base, and two others were arrested after weapons and explosives were found. Details are sketchy from Fox: At least one U.S. military serviceman has been arrested after raising concerns over another possible attack on Fort Hood, Fox News has learned exclusively. According to an Army source, one AWOL soldier is in the custody of the Killeen Police Department near Fort Hood. He was not captured on base. According to another source, two other U.S. soldiers were also arrested earlier today after authorities recovered weapons and explosives. Fox News has obtained the names of the three suspects, but is currently withholding that information. Sources say the AWOL soldier in custody is from Fort Campbell, Kentucky. It's unclear if any possible attack was merely aspirational in nature. Should we jump the gun and blame it on Muslims? It might be fun if only to watch all the exploding heads on the left if we did. We'll probably update this post later in the...(Read Full Post)