With So Much At Stake, No Allowance For Error

Many politicians learned a hard lesson during the 2010 mid term elections. The takeaway: that millions of Americans were serious about cutting waste and restoring some fiscal sanity to Washington, DC. Republicans made massive gains in the House and also moved closer to majority numbers in the Senate because they claimed to understand that demand.But it wasn't just Democrats who felt the wrath of hurting taxpayers, as many established Republicans faced bruising primaries and some didn't make it through in losing to more fiscally conservative alternatives. The message that the status quo is no longer acceptable should be clear to current Members of Congress, both the brand new representatives and those fortunate to still have their seats.But unfortunately its not the reality, and we cannot continue to just "hope" that politicians will get the message the polite way. Case in point, Republican Congressman Steven LaTourette from Ohio has made a number of decisions lately that are not only...(Read Full Post)