WI panel OK's 3 more GOP recall elections

This was expected when the Government Accountability Board ruled last week on 3 other recall petitions. But it is not good news given that anything can happen in a special election - and usually does. JS Online: State election officials on Tuesday approved recall elections against three Republican senators but put off decisions on certifying recall petitions against three Democrats. That decision by the Government Accountability Board drew cries of partisanship from Republicans and set up the possibility that two sets of recall elections would be held a week apart, rather than all on the same day. "This is an example of a supposedly neutral government agency acting in a blatantly partisan manner to further the objectives of a particular political party," said Dan Hunt, who led the effort to recall Sen. Bob Wirch (D-Pleasant Prairie). That charge from Hunt and other Republicans comes just four years after every GOP lawmaker in the state Legislature voted to create the...(Read Full Post)