What's in a name, and what isn't

Richard Kantro
  Overlooked in the inane to-do about Anthony Weiner is the fact that the spellings are all wrong, and do not support the ribald aspect of the brouhaha.  Ideally, pornography should recapitulate orthography. To wit:  the Germanic name "Wiener" -- note the vowel order -- is properly pronounced "VEEN-er" (anglicized to "WEEN-er").  Most simply, this means a person from Vienna, which in German is "Wien" (say "VEEN").  More broadly, "Wiener" is colloquially short for "Wiener  Schnitzel" (cutlet) or "Wiener W├╝rstchen" (sausage or frankfurter).  Similarly, denizens of the cities of Frankfurt and Hamburg are Frankfurters and Hamburgers, yet we commonly know these terms as grill.  As deli items, they're food; as names, they're people. German is full of this kind of stuff.  Berlin's specialty snack is a "Berliner."  Grammar being what it is, JFK meant to say, "Ich bin Berliner," but instead uttered "Ich bin ein Berliner," thereby forever...(Read Full Post)