What Would Lord Nelson Say?

In his widely-reported farewell speech to the NATO ministers last week, U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates gave it to our European allies with the bark off. Snap out of it, said the man who had opposed President Obama's half-hearted move into Libya. No more Freddie-the-Freeloader. Your defense budgets are too low. Your responsibilities are too high. In particular, don't look to us to pull your chestnuts out of the fire with Kaddafi. Now comes word from Old Blighty that Secretary Gates knew whereof he spoke. Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope told a Parliamentary committee yesterday that the Conservative government's defense cuts have made it impossible for the Royal Navy to continue its military mission in support of the Libyan rebels beyond another 90 days. With the forced retirement in January of the UK's last aircraft carrier (reportedly offered for sale) and the mothballing of its Harrier jets, the Brits have come a cropper. In perhaps the final insult, the Sunday Telegraph reported...(Read Full Post)