Weiner takes the 'I'm sick, not a degenerate' line

This is too perfect - a reflection of what passes for reality in our modern celebrity besotted world. When in trouble, declare that your rank, disgusting, and aberrant behavior is the result of some illness like addiction or, in Weiner's case "psychological problems." Enter a treatment center, emerge humbled and vowing you're a changed person, and - voila! All is forgiven and you are welcomed back into celebritydom with open arms. We Americans have a weakness for this sort of performance art. Just as we have a weakness for underdogs, longshots, and lost causes. Perhaps it's because we can afford to be generous with our affections, or maybe it's a product of an oversized heart. Whatever it is, celebrities and politicians alike have learned how to use the gambit to salvage as much as possible from a rotten situation. Weiner no more needs to enter a treatment center than does my pet cat Snowball. And at least Snowy demonstrates that she's sorry for her transgression, be it knocking over...(Read Full Post)