Thomas Geoghegan's Shameful Stereotyping in the Wall Street Journal

Even in an age of "sensitivity," people from the South are one  group it's acceptable to stereotype and denigrate. Labor lawyer Thomas Geoghegan's recent Wall Street Journal op-ed weighed in on Boeing's decision to locate a second assembly plant for their 787 Dreamliner in South Carolina.  In his zeal to defend labor unions and their contributions to the American way of life, Mr. Geoghegan betrayed his real agenda of propagating the myth that people from the South are inferior to their American counterparts from the North and West. In his article, Mr. Geoghegan opined that union labor such as that found up north is worth $28 an hour because it is highly skilled, and that Boeing's decision to locate a plant in South Carolina was a harbinger of declining quality.  He pointed out that South Carolina, like many other Southern states, is a Right-to-Work state where union membership is not mandatory and labor rates average $14 an hour.  He contrasted the labor situation...(Read Full Post)