This year, next year, all the years in Jerusalem

Today Israel is celebrating Jerusalem Day, the  44th anniversary of the reunification of the city according to the Jewish calendar.  In the Arab/Muslim Spring of 1967 Israel's extremely hate filled neighbors, with the help of its equally extremely hate filled Muslim non neighbors, promised a war "to drive Israel into the sea."  Not passively waiting for their death, Israel launched a pre emptive strike (yep, Israel "started" the 1967 war!) destroying Egyptian planes parked on an airfield. Israel's neighbors then attacked from all sides to fulfill their deadly promise.   Six days later the war ended; Israel miraculously triumphed.  The impossible, suicidal "1967 borders"--in reality armistice lines from the 1948 Israel War of Independence that the Arabs/Muslims also started to prevent the creation of Israel--were gone and the city of Jerusalem was reunited.  In violation of international law and signed...(Read Full Post)