The Real Problem with the Gingrich Candidacy

The difficulty many conservatives have with Newt Gingrich is not the commercial with Nancy Pelosi as heart-sinking as it was.  Nor is it the seemingly cruel way he ended his marriages.  Even his classless, unprovoked attack on the Ryan plan could be forgiven. No, the real problem with Newt is that he loves big government. In recent weeks, having been abandoned by much of his campaign staff, Gingrich claims that what drove them away was his radically different approach to winning the nomination, one that would be characterized by vigorous new approaches and programs.  Indeed, no bureaucracy reaches end-of-life were Newt to become our Washington, DC product manager.  Rather, in a segment on Laura Ingraham's radio talk show he explains how he would transform the Environmental Protection Agency into the Environmental Solutions Agency while inaugurating new public-private partnership.  And with Sean Hannity on Fox he discusses ambitious new federal funding...(Read Full Post)