The Most Shovel-Ready Job in America

Barack Obama's flip remark regarding shovel-ready jobs not quite being as shovel-ready as his amateurish, incompetent  administration had predicted, was more than just a clumsy admission of failure of the strategic centerpiece of his economic recovery program, it was an inadvertent acknowledgement that there is one job in this country that is truly shovel-ready: his. The term can actually be applied in three ways, the first being that the office of the presidency is ready for a Republican who actually knows how to use the shovel of experienced, executive leadership to dig us out of this national equivalent of the  Big Dig, and second, that Obama's failed presidency with its futile leftist policies is shovel-ready in the sense that it needs to be buried as quickly and deeply as possible. Third and last is that one of the many countless lessons that America's most unqualified president obviously never learned in his unverifiable matriculation is that old saying that when...(Read Full Post)