The Color Purple Author Calls America and Israel Terrorists

Alice Walker, author of The Color Purple says she's on board with the anti-Israel flotilla reportedly heading to Gaza at the end of June. The American ship, Greek-owned and registered in Delaware named "The Audacity of Hope" plans to join other vessels in what Ms. Walker describes as the "freedom ride of this era." Shurat HaDin, an Israeli Legal Center, is trying to stop the Gaza flotilla. After sending a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder citing violations of Section 962 of Title 18 of U.S. Code, the Center filed a civil suit on June 16. The international initiative was launched last July by a group calling itself the U.S. Boat to Gaza which is backed by the Obamas' friend Rashid Khalidi. The Columbia University professor helped to raise $370,000 for the 50 or so activists ready to transport thousands of letters, postcards and emails to the men, women and children of Gaza. Walker, along with CODEPINK co-founder Medea Benjamin, were among the first to express interest in...(Read Full Post)