The beach is closed; Heat related illnesses?

Chicago's North Avenue Beach was closed by order of the Chicago Police Department at 6:00 p.m. on Memorial Day.  In fairness it was unusually warm for this time of the year in Chicago, however with temps in the high 80's it was far from the sort of scorching heat that normally would trigger a heat-related emergency.  The official explanation:   "The Chicago Police Department encourages Chicago's residents and visitors to take advantage of the city's world-class lakefront, beautiful parks and countless other attractions. However, public safety must always remain our number one priority.  Thousands of beach-goers travelled to North Avenue beach yesterday, to enjoy the holiday and the onset of warmer temperatures in Chicago.  The Office of Emergency Management and Communications received several calls in the early evening regarding heat-related illnesses at the beach. The Chicago Fire Department initiated an EMS Plan 1, requiring the response of multiple...(Read Full Post)