Teachers Union fights closure of NYC's 'school from hell'

Isn't the teachers union supposed to be protecting incompetent, unqualified and unmotivated teachers with tenure, while simultaneously whining about how underpaid and overworked their members are?  Shouldn't the teachers and their union bosses be joining hands and chanting the official mantra "it's all about the kids, it's all about the kids?"  Not at Harlem's infamous MS 344, the Academy of Collaborative Education.    The New York Post reports that the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) and the NAACP have teamed up to prevent the Department of Education (DOE) from closing New York City's worst performing middle school.  Why has the UFT and the NAACP gone to court in an effort to keep MS 344 open?   Kids hoot and yammer so loudly that their ruckus drowns out the teacher.  A trash can is overturned in class and dumped.  Grimy floors are littered with sunflower seed shells, spit out by the hundreds.   Books and supplies fly out the...(Read Full Post)