Susan Rice's Whopper on battling 'anti-Israel crap' comes up a Cropper

When the Obama administration decided to join the execrable United Nations Human Rights Council there was consternation from, among others, supporters of Israel. President George Bush had refused to join the Council because it and its predecessor (The UN Human Rights Commission) had become a haven for tyrants, riff-raff, human rights abusers, adversaries of America, and enemies of Israel. Susan Rice, Obama's Ambassador to the United Nations, rejected the criticism and said she would battle the "anti-Israel crap." So America joined and added its prestige and imprimatur to the Council's agenda. How is that promise to get Israel to be treated fairly going, Susan? As is true of many promises made by President Obama and his appointees, not so well. Anna Bayefsky reports in the National Post that the anti-Israel venom and activity at the Human Rights Council has soared over the past few years and the promise of reform-well, those plans have been punted down the road for "10-15 years": With...(Read Full Post)