Sarkozy dismisses US complaints about NATO, Libya

Nicholas Sarkozy does not agree with outgoing defense secretary Robert Gates who heavily criticized NATO's efforts in Libya and worried about the future of the alliance because of alliance members cutting defense budgets. The Washington Post: Sarkozy said that France and Britain were the main contributors to the effort to bring an end to Moammar Gaddafi's rule, and he vowed to keep up the pressure so long as Gaddafi remains. He also condemned the notion that the future of NATO was in doubt because of European reluctance to devote resources to their militaries, something retiring Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates suggested in a speech this month. "I'm not of the opinion that the bulk of the work in Libya is being done by our American friends," Sarkozy said in remarks to reporters at a European Union summit in Brussels. "We must continue until Mr. Gaddafi leaves." As for Gates, Sarkozy said, his comments about European military might -- or lack thereof -- were...(Read Full Post)