Romney's Scarlet Letter

Remember when ABC News was asking its viewers to send in anecdotal evidence of global warming? AGW supposedly all around us and right before our own denying eyes.  I wonder if a snowmelt-submerged Sacramento would be acceptable anecdotal evidence to ABC News? At the risk of being tattooed as a "denier," global warming is the perhaps the best documented hoax since Piltdown Man.  Every day we witness the meltdown of this gory fraud.   To prove that God has a hilarious sense of humor and timing, when Kerry-Lieberman's Cap&Tax scheme was being ballyhooed, God made sure it snowed in all 50 states. And if anyone missed God's sparkling sense of humor last time, this year the capital city of this rotting green fraud, Sacramento, faces its worst flooding perhaps in recorded history.  And this record flooding is wrought by record snowmelt from record snowfall, not the fabled "glacier melt" fairy tales as predicted by doom-saying rent-seeking AGW proponents.  If...(Read Full Post)