RomneyCare vs. ObamaCare: Does Page Count Matter?

  Marathon presidential contests mean that silly seasons in politics start early.  Look no further then Mitt Romney's flailing efforts to find some contrast -- any contrast -- with President Obama over government-controlled health care as proof.   Glenn Kessler, who writes a feature for the Washington Post called "The Fact Checker," examines Romney's contention that his Massachusetts health care reform abomination isn't quite as abominable as President Obama's national version.  The reason, page count.       Romney argues that ObamaCare, which stretches to a mind-numbing 2,700 pages of legislation, contains far more health care mischief than the legislation he pushed in the Bay State.  RomneyCare was concocted in a mere seventy pages, or so claims the Governor. But Kessler writes that ObamaCare legislation contained a lot of extraneous elements; stuff that Democrats threw in to piggyback on the bigger health care reform measure.  The...(Read Full Post)