Obama's missile secrets betrayal

In the first article below, former CIA Director James Woolsey alerts us to a major betrayal by the Obama administration regarding missile defense.  In the second article Sarah Palin reacts with astonishment.   You ask why?   Well, she has a history of involvement in national security issues and she has long advocated a strong missile defense.   The National Guard troops who operate our GMD missile defense ground station and interceptors in Alaska reported to her when she was governor.  Believe it or not.     This could well be a legitimate impeachable offense.  Giving Away the Farm The Obama administration is freely giving Russia sensitive information about missile defense that weakens U.S. national security. BY R. JAMES WOOLSEY, REBECCAH HEINRICHS | JUNE 7, 2011 "... Congress discovered that the administration has been working on a missile defense...(Read Full Post)