Obama's furry new plan unveiled in Pittsburgh

Last week Mr. Obama showed us a glimpse of his inner Luddite when be attacked ATMs as evil job killing monsters who have thrown thousands of poor bank tellers out of work.  Barry's message was clear. Technology is bad because ATMs, airport kiosks, automated equipment and robots help to create unemployment.  Market Watch did the math and found that there are more bank tellers now than in those glorious days before the invasion of the ATMs, go figure.   This week we learned it wasn't ATMs and airport kiosks that have wrecked the economy after all, it's all part of the evil Republican conspiracy that is out to destroy America and Mr. Obama.  Senator Dick Durbin (D-Illinois) channeled his inner Hillary as he re-branded the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy of Mrs. Clinton's delusional mind to explain the failure of Obamanomics and his party's all-out attack on prosperity.  Note to Dick and his comrades: two words on planned economic devastation, George...(Read Full Post)