Obama trips promote profits for his donors, not jobs for Americans

Between golf outings (13 weekends in a row), musical soirees in the East Room, fantasy basketball pickup games, and trips to fundraisers for high rollers, Obama has made numerous trips to promote so-called clean-tech energy ventures. He has touted these companies as the wave of the future and as the hope for job growth in America. However, as is true of most actions Barack Obama takes there is an ulterior motive -- and it all has to do with himself. The Washington Post reports that the focus of these clean-energy trips have been to ventures backed by huge donors to Barack Obama: In all, Obama has visited 22 clean-tech projects in 19 separate trips.... Republicans and outside critics also have honed in on the political connections of some companies that have received federal help. The most attention has focused on Solyndra, a Silicon Valley solar company that ran into financial trouble after receiving a $535 million federal loan guarantee commitment.... Some of the biggest...(Read Full Post)