Obama Losing Voter Support in Green and Blue States

I just received some very interesting results from a poll I commissioned with IBOPE Zogby International.  While it is well-known that President Obama is losing voter support nationwide, the lesser known fact is that the President's support is eroding among two key voter groups:  Democratic Blue states and battleground Green states.  The Zogby poll question asked:  "Do you think President Obama deserves to be re-elected or do you think it is time for someone new?" Overall, a 54% majority of voters say it is time for someone new in the White House, and just 40% say that Obama deserves re-election.  That's certainly bad news for the President, however, an even worse trend is developing. One month ago, just 41% of voters from Green states said they would vote to re-elect Obama, and today that number has plunged four percentage points to 37%.  A sizeable 56% of Green state voters say it is time to elect someone new to the Oval Office.  These Green states...(Read Full Post)