Obama implements disastrous Afghanistan strategy

Obama has ignored the successful strategies of General Petraeus and has instead chosen to pursue the failed strategies of Rumsfeld and Casey.  In closing, it points out that ignoring the lessons of history is a common theme for Obama and the left. It was easy for anyone who cares about our military and/or has a basic knowledge of the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to be upset by the President's announcement of his new strategy for the Afghan War last night.  The president ignored the suggestions of American generals, lessons learned by the Bush Administration only years ago, fundamental military strategy and common sense.  On a broader scale he reinforced the fact that liberalism is not only a failed ideology, but one that prevents human learning and advancement on a worldwide scale. In 2006, after a faltering effort in Iraq led to massive defeats of the GOP in the 2006 midterm elections, President Bush made the tough decision to remove both Secretary Rumsfeld and...(Read Full Post)