Obama fails to impress House GOP at WH meeting

President Obama told House Republicans that tax rates were higher during the Reagan years than they are now. Must be nice to be president and able to change history whenever you want to. Obama is very good at it. His narrative of how we got into this deficit mess leaves off the part where he initiated $5 trillion in new spending, skirts the fact that he didn't even bother to submit a budget last year, and totally ignores the fact that his trillion dollar stimulus bill cost the country 500,000 jobs. Is he surprised that the GOP House members at his White House meeting today weren't impressed? The president agreed that job growth needs to be a priority, saying that he is all for tax reform and happy to work together to achieve it.  The president said the U.S. has the lowest tax rate as a percentage of GDP since the 1950s. We've been on an experiment of low tax rates for the last decade, and growth has been anemic, he said. He noted that cutting taxes is smart to do...(Read Full Post)