James Hansen, Government Employee, Climate Scientist on the Take

Meet Dr. James Hansen, one of the founders of the religion called Anthropogenic Global Warming, more accurately denominated We're-So-Smart-We-Know-What's-Good-for-You. Dr. Hansen has been an employee of the federal government for 30 years, at the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, where he is now director, making $180,000 per year (plus lavish benefits) courtesy of the US taxpayer. One of his projects is to have the CEOs of large fossil fuel companies put on trial "for high crimes against humanity and nature." Is this a great system or what, where public "servants" get paid, handsomely, to advocate for political policies? Now we learn that the good doctor has "earned" an additional $1.2 million or more in the past four years from "the very environmental organizations whose agenda he advocated." These fees and prizes are legal for a government employee, if he files the appropriate forms before taking the money. NASA says those forms do not exist. Where are the left's activists...(Read Full Post)