Is Paul Ryan going to run for president?

A month ago, I would have said you're crazy if you suggested Paul Ryan would run for president. Indeed, Ryan seemed to slough off suggestions he run with the kind of offhand dismissal you would expect from a non-candidate. But I suspect someone, somewhere has been whispering in his ear that he can make a run of it. Ever since former governor Tommy Thompson jumped into the senate race to replace Herb Kohl, thus virtually closing off that avenue of advancement, Ryan appears to have been rethinking his presidential options. Michael Barone points to this call for Ryan to run from Paul Rahe, a prominent conservative historian, that makes the argument that in these perilous times, those capable of leading should step forward. Rahe writes: "I do not know Paul Ryan. I am not acquainted with him. I have never even met the man. If I knew him at all well, I would walk into his office and slap down on his desk Jennifer Rubin's post. As she points out, lots of Americans in uniform have answered...(Read Full Post)