In Rose Bowl, Mexico is 'home' team as U.S. soccer team is booed (updated)

  ...for the sake of those who will say this is just a sporting contest, and nothing is to be inferred or learned from it, here are a couple thoughts:  In soccer, as in no other sport, team allegiance mirrors national allegiance.  Soccer's ultimate contest, The World Cup, is a competition of national teams. The national team World Cup mentality dominates the entire fan base.  In inter-country games, the fan roots for the team whose flag owns his heart and claims his first allegiance.  The PC Los Angeles Times quotes one of the Mexican team's Rose Bowl fans, in part, as follows: "I was born in Mexico, and that is where my heart will always be."  Exactly.  And that's the problem with recent and present Mexican immigration. The massive river of immigrants from Mexico, legal and illegal, that the Democratic Party has been chaperoning into America for decades, in goals and desires, is not your grandparents' immigrants.  The vast majority come to...(Read Full Post)