If the economy is being sabotaged, who is the saboteur?

Yesterday, Senators Dick Durban and Chuck Schumer said the Republicans are sabotaging the economy. Let's examine a few of the Obama Administration policies to see what the Democrats are doing. 1) In testimony before the House Small Business Committee on Wed. June 22, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said we have no alternative but to raise taxes or we have to shrink the overall size of government programs. Small businesses are the job creating engine of the country. Raising taxes on them will destroy jobs. So who wants to sabotage the economy? 2) On Tuesday June 21, Geithner said we need to have tax increases and spending to help reduce the deficits. A tax increase during a recession is a way to prolong the recession or make it worse. 3) The National Labor Relations board has sued Boeing over a decision the company made to manufacture the new 787 Dreamliner at a second plant in South Carolina. South Carolina is a right to work state so the International Association of Machinists...(Read Full Post)