I Wonder...

I wonder what was going on that day in Imperial Rome... Was the Forum crowded with tourists from around the Empire gazing on the Tablets of the Law or buying trinkets from the locals? Was the roar of bloodlust to be heard at the Colosseum? Was the Senate in session ? Were the Emperor's agents monitoring the proceedings with gimlet eye? Were the feckless remnants of the old Republican families day dreaming of dissipations to come?  Were the slave markets crowded and thick with the stench of despair and fear? The ships stern to bow in the Ostia riding low in the placid waters heavy with grain and goods from everywhere but Italia? Were the priests at the hot and proscribed work of offering sacrifices to the Gods of the all too human Pantheon? Was His Imperial and August Royal Personage, the Emperor, holding court and dispensing rank and privilege?  I know this: whenever it was no one notice of history's wheels carrying the lumbering wagon of Empire over the crest and ...(Read Full Post)