How the left wins

Caroline Glick is discussing the biggest public secret in Israel, namely the dominance by the radical Left of the media and universities, when they represent only a fraction of Israeli political opinion. The identical process has happened in Europe and the United States. The dominance of the Left is not a natural condition. It is imposed by constant Machiavellian power games that circumvent the laws regarding equal opportunity and equal rights. I have seen the identical process take place in American universities over the last three decades.  Until the web opened up some genuine free speech,  the radical Left controlled the major media in Israel, the US, and Europe. That is beginning to balance out slowly, as the Jerusalem Post demonstrates every day.  The editor of Haaretz was quoted two years ago as telling the Obama administration that "Israel must be raped." That is a correct quote, and it reflects the radical transnational agenda of the international Left....(Read Full Post)