Hamas Rejects German Swap Proposal for Schalit

The plight of Gilad Schalit, the French-Israeli soldier kidnapped just 5 years ago by Hamas terrorists who tunneled into an IDF post, has escalated into a battle of wills. That is to say, how determined and emboldened will Hamas leaders continue to be under pressure from growing international sentiment to release Schalit, and how conciliatory Netanyahu's government will be under their growing public stance favoring the release of 1,000 convicted terrorist-prisoners as a swap. Last week, the Germans sent a mediator to broker an agreement with Hamas leadership, in good faith, which was then accepted by the Israeli Government. In a statement released on Sunday, June 26, Netanyahu said: "This proposal was harsh; it was not simple for the State of Israel.... However, we agreed to accept it in the belief that it was balanced between our desire to secure Gilad's release and to prevent possible harm to the lives and security of the Israeli people. The terms of the German proposal have not...(Read Full Post)