GOP Governors a Boost to Obama?

Veteran political analyst Norm Ornstein has a theory, of sorts.   Ornstein wrote Friday in the Washington Post that Republican governors with low approval ratings in key electoral states could help President Barack Obama's reelection chances.  But Ornstein's theory is cracked in a few ways.    Ornstein suggests, for example, that Ohio voters unhappy with John Kasich (33% approval-56% disapproval) may just takeout their anger toward Kasich by voting to reelect President Obama.  First, none of the Republican governors - including Kasich - who Ornstein cites for low approval ratings are on their state ballots in 2012.  Rick Scott (Florida), Rick Snyder (Michigan), and Scott Walker (Wisconsin) won't be going before voters next year.   On the other hand, Mr. Obama's name - along with his Republican rival's name - will top ballots in all fifty states.  Voters can and will discriminate when picking the nation's next chief executive.  The...(Read Full Post)