Food stamp crime wave

According to liberals, we're not supposed to care about food stamp fraud. It's rare they tell us. You're going to have a little waste in every program, they say. Have a heart, we're scolded. The number of food stamp recipients has soared more than 60% since 2007 - from 26 million to 44 million recipients. And things have gotten so bad, that most states aren't even bothering to prosecute food stamp fraud, and some actively discourage investigations. Beginning with the Bush administration, government has been beating the bushes for new food stamp clients so that costs have now more than doubled - from $33 billion to $78 billion. The electronic food stamp card is a hot item in the inner city, being sold for as little as 50 cents on the dollar. Inmates game the system to get benefits despite being in jail. There is less testing, less oversight, and less enforcement of the law. Rather than get tougher standards, the Obama administration is cracking down on states that use fingerprint ID to...(Read Full Post)