Flying Follies

My tolerance for trousers riding low on the hips of young men trying to be hip is low; and if six inches or so of underwear is showing it drops even lower. When an intergluteal cleft (that's butt crack to you, Bubba) is visible that tolerance vanishes. But I must confess to rethinking my initial response to an incident last week in San Francisco where one of our University of New Mexico football players was removed from a U.S. Airways flight and arrested for refusing to pull up his low-rider trousers prior to boarding his flight to Albuquerque. My response upon reading the news article was a typical old geezer's grumbled, "That'll teach the little jerk." But this week the San Francisco Chronicle publishes this story and picture which suddenly has me looking with a bit more sympathy at our foolish young football player and with far less lenience at the apparently discriminatory behavior of the airlines. And yes, the young man is black while you can see all too ickily that the flying...(Read Full Post)