Fighting rages outside of Misrata (update: report that Gaddafi's son seeks terms)

At least 17 people are dead in the city of Misrata after Gaddafi's forces fired into the town that was "liberated" by the rebels and NATO air power a few weeks ago. CNN: Rebel forces at a checkpoint near the western front line said at least seven of the dead were killed in fighting in the Dafniya area, where pro-Gadhafi forces pushed in with at least three tanks firing at rebel positions. "It is horrible out there," said a rebel fighter as he sped by. "The revolutionaries are taking tank power in their chests." The city was continuously bombarded Friday afternoon. Misrata has borne the brunt of the fighting for the past two months. More than 1,000 people are believed to have been killed since early February, including 686 civilians who lived in the city. Gadhafi's forces laid siege to Misrata and cut off all land access -- the only escape route is by sea. They retreated to the perimeters but are trying to regain control of the city, only about 130 miles east of Tripoli. NATO has now...(Read Full Post)