Dumb... dumber... dumbest... Wasserman Schultz

In the internet age, fact checking is not too hard to do. So the new DNC chair probably needs to learn that bald-faced lies won't cut it.  Then again, maybe Debbie Wasserman Schultz does not even know what is in Congressman Ryan's health care plan.  So she is either ignorant about what she speaks,  or too dumb to understand that her lies will be caught. Perhaps Wasserman Schultz can get some help from that other model  of veracity and uprightness,  Congressman Anthony Weiner.  More evidence that the DNC may need to soon call back Howard Dean-Wasserman Schultz attacks the GOP for thinking illegal immigrants are here illegally. And on the Weiner roll front:  Iowahawk demands that the Weiner hacker be brought to justice:     2.  How is that Arab spring working out in Egypt?  The new Egypt.   The Egyptian economy is collapsing. This writer thinks more aid will help. I doubt it. And who will be running the show to see how all the...(Read Full Post)